Santiago de Compostela bike tour

800 km original French itinerary


I experienced the Santiago de Compostela alone riding my bike with a backpack on my shoulders. Every time I recall this amazing experience, some thoughts cross my mind, the same thoughts of many other hundreds of thousand: the Santiago route is a not-to-be-missed journey in everyone’s life. Once you finally get to the end, you realize the only thing you want to do is to start it all over again. Santiago de Compostela route is different for everyone, but unique in its kind.

Simplicity, determination and adaptability.

Some moments lived in solitude, some others shared, in a growing well-being.




- 16 Days on a bike: with our bikes or with you own bikes

- Transfer by bus (NCC as TAXI) and assistance during the whole trip or certified MTB guide

- Free chance to reach Finisterre by bus

- Journey from Santiago de Compostela to hometown by plane (on request return ticket) 

- There are two ways to travel: 


1- Autonomously: with assistance in case of need + luggage transport


2 - Accompanied by the guide throughout the route, self-sufficient (no luggage transport).

You can experience the route on your own, with your friends, with the guide or with other pilgrims. 

Along the route everyone will take his/her own time and space, and live his or her own experiences, joining the rest of the group for dinner at our meeting point.

In consequence of the COVID-19, the trip is scheduled for the season 2022.

Or dates to be fixed ONLY for groups of 6 to 8 people



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